Take the animal as the masterpiece of our crazy world.

Mur Brut became a place of collectivity through a ritual not religious or sacred but just absurd. The absurdity of our collective mindset is one of the beauties of being a human.

Screening for dog supporters at MUR BRUT @ KunsthalleDuesseldorf on the 8 June 2022, 6–8 p.m.

In Kempf’s works, the viewers are always conceived as participants, which results in an interaction between the artistic scenarios and the audience. At the opening of the project Play It For What, the artist invites viewers to witness a collective event. An extraordinary match will be shown, during which the upper area of the parking garage will be closed to cars for two hours. Accompanied by an additional element, a performative act, the experience of the evening will remain a unique occurrence.

curated by Katharina Burns

photos © Katja Illner